2015 Winners

Here are some award winning sci-fi works to consider. I was excited to learn about these awards since there aren’t that many for the SFF genre.

Planetary Awards

We had a number of ties this year, so to break them, I’m putting on my tin-pot dictator helmet and instituting arbitrary, last-minute, unannounced rule changes.

In the ‘best short story’ category, the new tiebreaking rule is: the shorter story wins. The winning short story for 2015 is “Something in the Water” by C.S. Boyack, found in The Experimental Notebook of C. S. Boyack.

Featured Image -- 77

I’m combining the novel categories, so there is a single ‘best novel’. I’m also allowing a partially-completed vote to break a tie, so the winning novel for 2015 is Torchship, by Karl Gallagher.


I appreciate all the book bloggers who participated in the nomination and voting process. Over the course of 2016, I plan to re-blog your credentialing posts as a thank you.

New ideas and suggestions for changes to the 2016 Planetary Awards are welcome in the comments section.

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