Keeping up with Technology — Barely


It blew me away today when I discovered this article on about brainprints. The reason is that in my last science fiction novel, “Refractions of Frozen Time,” I had the bad guys collecting what I called mindprints, which were a unique identifier. So here we go again, science fiction has become science fact.

What’s a sci-fi author to do?

It gets harder and harder to come up with futuristic technology. Since I started my novels several years ago I had to do various “upgrades” for them to keep up. I had internet, the equivalent of Craig’s List, and electronic currency in my novels long before they were reality.

About the only thing I have in my novels, short of faster-than-light (FTL) space travel, that I 15442253_sTHOUGHT was still science fiction is the c-com device my hero uses for any number of functions. C-com stands for “cerebral companion” and was like a smart phone on steroids driven by psi-waves, a.k.a. telepathy.  But EVEN AS I WAS WRITING THIS BLOG, an email came in from Futurism that stated you can now send text messages via your brainwaves! You can find the article here.

Holy cow…

What’s a sci-fi author to do????

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9 thoughts on “Keeping up with Technology — Barely

  1. I, for one, downplay the scifi angle, add cats and call it fantasy. My science background is good enough to explain basic things like wind sheer (that is actually a conversation in my current rough draft), but I’m not strong enough in science to imagine what inventors haven’t come up with – yet.

    BTW, I have the box set and loved it. 5 Stars on each and every book.

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    • Yes, I think I’ll quit trying to keep one step ahead of technology. It doubles every few years and there’s no way I can keep up. Kind of scary, actually. And pretty sure fantasy won’t be, either, because they’ll figure out how to do that, too. Like Arthur C. Clarke said, “Technology sufficiently far advanced is indistinguishable from magic.”

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      • Years ago, we had goats, which were escape artists… my husband said, “There are 13 of them and 2 of us, plus they have 24/7 to work out their next breakout, while we have several other things to think about.” IMHO, trying to stay ahead of all those scientists and researchers would be even worse than outsmarting goats.

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      • Definitely. We had a goat once, too, named Geraldine. They’re too smart. She hated my ex. He’d be out there at o-dark:30 milking her in sub-zero weather and when he was finished she’d look him in the eye and put her foot in the pail of milk. We finally sold her to a couple who were breeding Newfoundland dogs.

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      • We didn’t milk our goats, they were on the ‘back 40’ to control kudzu…. apparently, this could get boring after a while and they’d think they needed to get into our little orchard and trim there… not a popular choice with my husband.

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      • Goat eat about everything except the grass, so they were okay in the wooded areas but a disaster in the garden and useless on the lawn…. When they misbehaved, I’d go out to their little barn (would make sure it was raining, so they would not be tempted to leave) then read them the recipe for moussaka… and informed them that the next time one was bad…

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