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Pet diseases as well as human diseases can often be controlled or even prevented with proper nutrition!

Pets Best insurance Services recently published a list of the ten most common diseases in their insured cats for the last ten years. The best part, with a little creative thinking all ten can be treated with diet. Learn more.

Source: Diet Can Treat Most Common Cat Ailments | petMD


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      • Purrseidon & Mr. M love ‘bird’ and I often worry about that because poultry is often given so many growth hormones and antibiotics, which I doubt is good for them or those who eat the meat.


      • I have a lot of theories, and often wonder how factual they are… makes sense to me, too. I know that scientists work hard to figure out ways to feed our increasing population, but some of their ‘breakthroughs’ like chemicals in chicken and beef feed and/or genetic engineering of seeds, which I am very suspicious of…


      • Chemicals I’m always suspicious of. Genetic engineering of seeds in and of itself I don’t think is the problem but then dousing them with insecticides is. They’ve found that the main ingredient in Round-up concentrates in the gluten of wheat, which is why everyone suddenly has gluten allergies. People have been eating wheat for millennia, clearly it’s the herbicide causing the issue.

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      • You hit on one of the examples I would have made.
        They have done similar things with soybeans and corn. To be honest, if I was going to genetically engineer something, I would begin with basics, like corn, soybeans, rice, and wheat, too….
        Have you ever seen a wheat field? When I was a kid, living on the farm, we knew the wheat was ready for harvest when the tall stalks turned golden. A couple years ago, I saw wheat that was about 18″ tall (half height) and greenish being harvested, so it’s no wonder so many of us have gluten issues – they might still call that stuff wheat, but if that field was typical, the stuff doesn’t look like wheat.


      • Harvesting something before it’s ready is the stupidest thing ever. Yes, I used to live in a rural area and have seen wheat fields, etc. In countries where people are starving I can see drastic measures but not when there are healthier alternatives. It’s telling that Japan won’t allow any of our soy or soy products into their country and Europe has banned many more chemicals than we have. As always, it’s all about money.

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