Gravitational waves detected! |

It’s so cool that this is the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, which predicted these waves.  The technological advancements this will open up are mind-blowing!

We can now detect gravitational waves, says LIGO. Unanticipated discoveries, unexpected marvels, ahead.

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  1. Fascinating!
    For years, my husband has theorized that gravitational studies would be the next big scientific breakthrough… he believes gravity can fluctuate and could even affect the ‘relative speed of light’. Not certain that I understand the science he’s thinking of, but must admit that if I understand his underlying theory, it would make sense for light to travel at varying speeds, depending on other forces.


    • I can relate to what he’s saying. Don’t know about light but it definitely affects space and time. This can also unlock the technology to defeat and control gravity. One of these days we’ll see a bumper sticker that says “My other car is a UFO.” LOL.

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      • I think he was suggesting a parallel similar to what you suggest – that we understand how gravity affects space and time, but we need to go beyond the bit of known and expand our knowledge into its affect on space and time…. think I’ve seen sci-fi writers attempt to touch on this a few times when the plot includes a black hole, but don’t know if this is based on actual scientific proofs.


      • Where Einstein’s theories are concerned, it has always been years before we could prove anything because we didn’t have the technology to do so. This should open up the means for proof of warping space and time beyond what Eddington did with seeing star light bend around a total eclipse many moons ago.

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