U.S. Southwest is drying | EarthSky.org

So far in the past six months or so it looks as if the drought here in Central Texas is easing but it doesn’t look so good for these other areas.

Researchers identified 12 weather patterns across the region. Over the past 30 years, the 3 patterns bringing rain to the U.S. Southwest became less frequent.

Source: U.S. Southwest is drying | EarthSky.org


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  1. On the original post, kds12 pointed out that there was “a century+ of written data, and more with archeological findings, they looked at 35 yrs of data to ‘prove’ their foregone conclusion” which is a valid point, however, that is a moment to the Earth, which has cycles that span thousands of years. I believe that what we’re seeing is part of aa long-term pattern. After all, at one time, Alaska used to be tropical.


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