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Astrology is so much more than a person’s sun sign. Yet that’s usually about all the average person knows about it. Some may have a vague idea of the basic personality traits of those born under theirs and perhaps other signs. As a professional astrologer, I see the influence of this ancient art all around me. The ancients declared “As above, so below” with good reason. Astrology is much more than the placement of the Sun; it includes the sign each planet occupies as well, and when you really get into it, the stars, constellations and asteroids as well. It’s mind-boggling to say the least, yet fascinating, as you see influences that fit like the proverbial glove.

One that has recently stood out for me is the influence of the planet, Pluto, while he transits through the sign of Capricorn. This began January 27, 2008, though there were a few times after that when Pluto returned to Sagittarius due to retrograde motion. This occurred between June 15 and November 27 of that same year. Since then he’s been there to stay, at least until March 24, 2023 when he’ll first set foot in Aquarius.

At this point you’re probably wondering “So what?” Patience, dear reader, I’m getting to that. In order to notice, much less appreciate, these effects, you first need to understand the underlying meaning of both Pluto and his current sign of residence, Capricorn. As you probably know, Pluto is the Roman god of the Underworld, known by numerous other names, depending on which culture’s mythology you favor. Most mythological characters represent an archetype, defined by The American Heritage Dictionary as “an original model or type after which other similar things are patterned.”

To get a general idea of what this means, read the myth about Pluto (Greek Hades); Proserpina (Greek Persephone); and Ceres (Greek Demeter) where, through intrigue, Pluto kidnapped Cere’s daughter, Proserpina, and took her into the Underworld to be his queen. Using this myth as a model, some of the things Pluto represents astrologically are derived, e.g., power, control, corruption, the Underworld, anything buried beneath the surface, intrigue, and abductions. His domain also includes atrocities, death, catacombs, dictators, pirates, vampires, devastation, holocausts, and oddly enough, transformations such as rebirth (e.g., resurrection or the Phoenix arising from the ashes). Forensics and anything that exposes and eliminates corruption such as that required for purification and healing are included as well. These are but a few examples of the type of energy that Pluto emanates.

The zodiac sign in which a planet resides provides it with a specific environment where this energy is expressed and thus directed toward certain areas influenced by that sign. For example, Capricorn is considered the ruler of governments and their officials, politicians, building foundations, cemeteries, bones, excavations, administrators, anything old, order, time (think of the decrepit old man who represents the outgoing year at New Year’s Eve which just happens to be when the Sun is in Capricorn), and responsibility, to name a few. Also note that “history” is ruled by Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, and is obviously something old. Neptune rules secrets and mysteries, and he’s involved, too, as he hangs out in Pisces, the sign he rules, so solving old mysteries that touch upon history through excavations is another thing to look for.

So what do you think Pluto will be up to during his trek through Capricorn? One way to see it manifested would be power grabs and control efforts by governments and administrators. All you have to do is pay attention to the news to see evidence of that. Exposure of corruption and those things that lie beneath the surface, literally and figuratively, is another expression of this energy. Think there’s any of that going on? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular televisions shows for clues.

The following examples just happen to be on The History Channel or its high definition version known simply as H2. Most are viewable online. I realize this blog is turning into a plug for The History Channel, which wasn’t my initial intent.  Nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite channels due to its content and I’m familiar with most of these shows, which fit the Pluto in Capricorn archetype so nicely. Indeed, they were so obvious that they inspired this blog in the first place.

The Curse of Oak Island – Two brothers investing a significant amount of resources in trying to find the various treasures supposedly hidden by everyone from pirates to the Knights Templar on this island off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Hunting Hitler – Investigates claims made by formerly classified FBI files which indicate Adolf Hitler did not commit suicide in his bunker at the conclusion of World War II but followed a carefully constructed plan supported by an alliance with Spain to escape to South America.

Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar – Explores possible connections between what you would expect would be very diverse groups.

America Unearthed – A forensic geologist investigates various North American sites that provide evidence of pre-Columbian presence from the Great Lakes to Arizona and various other locations inbetween.

Brad Meltzer’s Decoded – Author, Brad Meltzer, assembled a team comprising an historian, attorney and engineer to investigate any number of mysteries ranging from Secret Societies to UFOs at Area 51.

Engineering Disasters – Investigates the cause of various disasters that involved engineering. Some may have had unknown causes or been suppressed from public knowledge.

Cities of the Underworld – Little known, less-than-charming facts about underground features of various cities around the world.

A broad scope of documentaries that prompt and/or investigate archaeological digs worldwide are out there as well on PBS channels and various others. See how many you can find that fit the mold. Give some thought, also, to the renewed fascination with vampires, which just doesn’t seem to go away, as well as the zombie frenzy.

In case you’re wondering what happened the last time Pluto was in Capricorn, that was over two hundred years ago. With an orbital period of 246 years he’s a bit of a slow mover. The last time the God of the Underworld entered Capricorn was on January 8, 1762, to be exact. The American Revolution occurred during that passage. No telling what this one will bring.

For more about Pluto’s astrological influences through the signs, visit my astrological website

P.S. I confess that the illustration above is not astrologically correct. The first person to tell me why can have a free download of “Whobeda’s Guide to Basic Astrology.”

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