The #DARPA Connection (Technology and Tragedy) #FindHeatherJasmine

What a sad story! Help this father find his daughter after over 40 years.

Find Heather Jasmine

When Heather was born, Carl and I were the systems programmers for the University of Utah Computer Science PDP-10s. We both had teletypes in our homes for after-hours support. We were also one of the first four nodes of the ARPAnet which eventually became the Internet.

Between my dissertation research, the new ARPAnet, and Heather, 1970 flew by. Each week Cynthia and I searched the newspapers for food sales, and spent the weekend visiting different grocery stores to entertain Heather
and optimize our meager budget. For the holidays Cynthia baked and we made cherry and strawberry jam for Christmas gifts to mail to east coast relatives. Note: after shipping expenses, this was not a frugal as we first thought.

To spite our limited funds, we had a grand 1st Christmas for Heather, including many handmade gifts. I especially recall a rocker I made from plywood.

However, Christmas joy did not carry into 1971. By April Cynthia…

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