Moon and Venus on November 7 | Tonight | EarthSky

Another beautiful pre-dawn sky show awaits! The waning crescent moon will partner up with Venus (and Mars) on November 7, only one day after she accompanied Jupiter in the morning sky on November 6.

Source: Moon and Venus on November 7 | Tonight | EarthSky

3 thoughts on “Moon and Venus on November 7 | Tonight | EarthSky

  1. I have been trying to teach the munchkins a bit about astronomy – this is excellent information! Thank you 😉 We shall look for it, tomorrow, when it’s time to catch the bus…. and know (hopefully) what we are seeing.


    • We usually have wonderful stars out here in the boonies where I live. Labor Day when some of my grandkids were here they really enjoyed looking at the stars and seeing the constellations. Can’t see much in Houston between pollution and heavy humidity. Up here you can see the Milky Way which fascinated them.

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      • Florida tends to have a lot of clouds, plus its fair share of light pollution. When we lived aboard our catamaran and while in Panama, living at 1,400 meters, the night sky was amazing — that is the one thing I miss about those two places.


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