Treasure Shore Beach, Florida … again!

More Purrseidon boogie board adventures!


Yes, we have been here and blogged about it before.

This has became one of our favorite beaches in Florida. And well Purrseidon, was insistent on coming with us this morning. How could you tell this furry face no? Especially, when it brought you a leash.


Yeah, I couldn’t, either…so our day’s plans went from going to a manatee observatory to the beach.

We choose this one because it is not crowded (well compared to others, today being a week before many go back to school, all beaches saw a little more traffic.) And the water here stays shallow forever so we can get behind the waves with plenty of standing room. It was the purrfect place for Purrseidon’s first boogie boarding and swimming lessons.


Purr loves water and has an unnatural obsession with the kids boogie boards. But is not very fond of the shoreline where the waves meet…

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