How Purrseidon’s 1st Boogie Board Lesson went …

This is such a hoot! Cats never fail to surprise us, even when we’ve had dozens of them. They’re as individual as people.

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P1100588I know y’all must think Purrseidon and her water addiction is strange (so do I) … some have speculated that she is a dog in a cat’s body: others have speculated that she believes the Purrtectors I write about in the Sea Purrtector Files are real and she wants to become one … We initially noticed her water obcession when she LIKED getting squirted with a water gun for climbing on the kitchen counter. As she got older, she would beg to go out whenever it rained and/or the lawn sprinkler was on.

I thought it was a very odd phase and she would grow out of it.

Instead, it got worse. Due to our country leash laws, she had to learn to walk on a leash in order to go outside… With the reward of getting into the rain and/or possibly roll in a mud-puddle, she learned fast. Then…

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