Liza O’Connor Discusses the Potentials of Black Holes

Sounds like my kind of science fiction, i.e. based on actual science. Can’t wait to read it!

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The Black Hole…what is its real purpose?

Is it a giant mulcher that breaks down large objects into base elements and spews them out the other side as dark matter?

Or is it a portal to other multiverses?

Or is it a combination of both?

In my novel, The Gods of Probabilities, the highly advanced, long lived sentient beings who travel from one universe to another in great frequency use these prolific holes to go from one universe to another.  And there are lots and lots of holes.

Black holes are ubiquitous everywhere in the universe.  Below are just the ones our telescopes can see so far in one small area of space.

Many black holes

But even in my story that doesn’t mean just anything can wander into a black hole and magically appear in another universe.

A black hole

No, you need a key, or in this case, the built in capability of their…

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