“The Red Claw” by Jeanne Foguth is the Purrfect Summer Read


As a cat lover I absolutely adored this book. Xander de Hunter’s adopted humans have decided to live onboard a boat which has resulted in him being assigned the responsibility of being the Sea Purrtector. As they arrive in Jamaica, he receives an urgent email marked with an ominous red claw signifying its urgent. The message directs him to solve the catnapping of Dame Esmeralda which recently occurred on that tropical island. Xander not only uses his humans’ computer but also has a collar with all sorts of high tech abilities, making him a feline version of James Bond.

As a feline, he has a natural dislike and suspicion of canines, especially the boxer named Valentine on the boat moored next door. Fortunately, he’s leaving to pursue the mystery regarding the missing Dame Esmeralde and hopefully find her unharmed. Along the way he hooks up with Sharky, a black and white cat with a somewhat mysterious and possibly suspicious past. He’s not sure whether or not he can trust her, but she knows her way around and can show him how to get to the location where an important meeting will take place with the cat in charge of the island. Among other things, Sharky excels at quoting numerous bits of wisdom from a large variety of Native American tribes.

I’m a real stickler for detail and this book absolutely rocks. The author’s experience and travels bring the story to life, whether it’s the description of the boat, Jamaican culture, tropical terrain and weather, mention of the Egyptian cat god, Bastet, or any number of other delightful bits of trivia such as the American presidents who owned cats, it was a highly entertaining as well as an intelligent read. The imagery of Jamaica was like being there and the mannerisms and dare I say thought processes of the feline characters were totally credible to anyone who has ever been owned by a cat.

The story takes a variety of twists and turns which keep you guessing all the way to its surprising conclusion. There are numerous places that had me laughing out loud, yet the story possesses an allegorical flavor as you view humans and their foolishness through the wisdom of feline eyes. This is one book I must say I was sorry to see end because I enjoyed it so much. If you’re looking for a well-written light read that takes you on a vicarious adventure through the wilds of Jamaica as seen through the eyes of a highly intelligent Siamese cat, then this is definitely the book for you. I am definitely looking forward to reading more about Xander’s adventures as well as other books by this author who knows how to make a story come alive.

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  3. I am honored that you took the time to review The Red Claw.
    Purr-a-Noia, which is #2 of the Sea Purrtector Files should be out by the end of this month – it is currently being formatted and Kiara is finishing its cover. The Vi-Purrs (#3) is planned to debut in the spring of 2016.
    Thank you for the lovely review – I had a link to it embedded on the reviews page of my website.


    • That’s awesome! You definitely have a winner with Xander. I didn’t realize you were a fellow member of RRBC and was so happy when I found it there. I’m definitely looking forward to the others! Would you like an interview, perhaps when the next one comes out?


      • Yes, I am a member of RRBC. If you want to do an interview or learn when new books come out, contact me at j_foguth@yahoo.com.
        At the moment, I am dividing my time between overseeing Purr-a-Noia’s preparations for publication and writing the rough draft of Fire Island, which will debut in December – Fire Island is book #3 of Kazza’s Chatterre Trilogy.


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