Review of “Alien Disclosure at Area 51” by C. Ronald Garner: This Mind-blowing Read is NOT for the Fainthearted

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This fascinating read is primarily the true story of Dr. Dan Burisch, a microbiologist at the infamous Area 51. It’s well-documented with a substantial number of quotes from credible individuals as well as a long list of suggested reading, some of which I’ve read in the past. In a nutshell, Burisch was abducted as a child, his intelligence enhanced to an IQ of 200 in preparation for his “mission” which entailed the eventual recruitment by the government agency that deals with these matters known as Majestic 12. I’m not going to recount any further details because it would definitely constitute a spoiler, even though this is nonfiction. I believe it’s important to read this information in context as opposed to sensationalizing the “good parts.”

Much of what is revealed is mind-blowing, i.e., in that “you can’t make this stuff up” realm that goes beyond what I’ve conceived as a science fiction writer. Much of it is vaguely familiar, however, as presented in various television shows and movies. People have been saying for years that the government is moving toward disclosure and supposedly Dr. Burisch is part of that goal. They’ve been testing the waters for years regarding how the general populace would react, knowing that if/when the government confirms the existence as well as our alliance with extraterrestrials that things will never be the same again. Yes, there have been leaks over the years, but this book suggests that the majority of them were part of the plan to gradually reveal the truth. Some want disclosure, others do not. I read years ago that John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he was ready to go with full disclosure while others did not agree.

While leaks will always occur, it’s easy for me to believe that for the most part we will only be told what they want us to know. For example, I’m a fan of various shows on the History Channel’s high definition version referred to as H2. You have to subscribe to the most expensive package with DirectTV to have access to this channel. I don’t know how accessible it is on other satellite or cable systems. This channel has been loaded with shows like “Ancient Aliens,” “Hangar 1,” and “UFO Hunters,” for a couple of years as well as various other shows that are revelatory such as “America Unearthed,” and “America’s Book of Secrets.” I enjoy these shows but have mentioned to my neighbor who often views them with me since she has a different package that doesn’t include H2 that the only reason it’s on television is because they want this information to get out. If they really wanted this to be hushed up it would not be on the air. I mean, seriously, how hard would it be for the FCC to shut them down?

I had heard years ago that movies such as Spielberg’s “ET: The Extraterrestrial” and various others were produced at the behest of the government as part of this plan to prepare the people for this information. The fact they are gradually moving some of these shows from the more exclusive H2 over to the regular History Channel tells me something as well. My impression is that they started it on the channel that has less viewers to test the water. When these shows became some of the most popular on the air they gradually shifted them over to the more commonly accessible History Channel.

Some of the information is quite troubling other than the existence of UFOs and ETs. The fact that there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe to say nothing of the technology they’ve developed is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s the other agendas, including those of our planet’s various governments, that gets scary. Face it, humanity on this planet is not very far evolved. Evidence for that is apparent on the news for any given day. Global terrorism and the continual quest to develop the ultimate weapon doesn’t say much about us and acquiring technology far beyond our evolution as a species would lead to our annihilation. Those who have withheld this knowledge from us for decades or perhaps longer are fully aware of the consequences when the truth gets out. It’s not necessarily so much about the average person who, having been indoctrinated with television shows such as “Mork from Ork,” “Third Rock from the Sun” and “Alf” do not see it as a problem. However, once this information is out it also means that every government on the planet, friendly and otherwise, will have access, beyond those who already do, which is bad enough.

One thing that Burische’s experience indicates is that these extraterrestrials have individual personalities just like we do which implies some are good and some are bad. That is also a rather chilling pill to swallow, considering how far advanced they are. Some may be like our friend Gordon Shumway a.k.a. “Alf” (which was actually an acronym for alien lifeform) while others are more like those depicted in the television series of years past entitled “V.” You’ll notice that “V” largely disappeared while the “friendly” alien shows live forever in syndication. Hmmmm…

The implications of what is revealed in this rather short book are creepy to say the least. Years ago I read one of the books on the author’s suggested reading list entitled “Behold a Pale Horse” by William Cooper. Back in the 90s a friend of mine who was several years older and an electrical engineer who worked as a NASA contractor loaned it to me and said that it scared him to the point he couldn’t finish reading it. I got through it but the more I learn about ETs and UFOs the more I understand why it freaked him out and why the government has kept this information underwraps for as long as they have. Knowing the mentality of the average person, I, also, question whether the world is ready to know.

Undoubtedly some are in denial and refuse to believe that these things are real. Conspiracy theorists are often debunked and ridiculed, which is the government’s primary means for compromising a person’s credibility with regard to something they don’t want you to know. To me, as a scientist and former NASA contractor, there are too many credible witnesses and other evidence supporting it. Ignoring the facts does not change the facts, which in this case are not pretty.

Truth is stranger than fiction and in this case it’s also scarier. If all the ET-related media is aimed at preparing us for disclosure, then is it possible that all the zombie apocalypse/dystopian scenarios currently popular are also preparing us for the future? Not a pleasant thought. Be warned that this book and its implications are not for the fainthearted.

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  1. It’s exciting to learn that you contracted with NASA as a scientist. I’d like to hear a ton more from you about UFO’s. I’ve become convinced that they’re real through reading, though I’ve never seen one. I would like to believe that Dr. Greer is right about the benevolent character of ET’s, but it’s difficult to avoid projecting Earth’s predator-prey environment upon the whole universe. I’ll read the books you’ve mentioned above and look forward to more recommendations from you. If you would like to contact me, please feel free: cytopathology (at) gmail (dot) com. Fascinating review. Well written!


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    • Thank you so much for your comments, Talmage. I’m afraid while I was at NASA I wasn’t privy to anything related to UFOs but since I worked in safety I did have access to some dirty little secrets related to the shuttle accidents. I’m a big fan of UFOs though I’ve never seen one. I think it’s interesting that there are so many shows on The History Channel about them which suggests the information is “leaking” out. I don’t know if you ever heard the story of Phil Schneider. It’s quite chilling and definitely didn’t involve benevolent ETs. They recounted the story on an episode of Hangar 1. I’m just starting work on a novel that is going to require a lot of research on UFOs so I’ll definitely be posting more reviews on the subject in the future.

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