Refractions of Frozen Time Blog Tour +Giveaway

Another stop on my book release Blog Tour including an interview and more Giveaway information!

~Spilling Words~

Book Blurb

“Refractions of Frozen Time” finds the Brightstars, your favorite space-faring family, more separated than ever before.  Laren is in the process of being exiled to the galaxy’s ultimate security prison onboard an automated spacecraft.  Creena, her little brother, Deven, and her mother, Sharra, remain in the Caverns, while Dirck and Win report to the Clique base at Apoca Canyon.

Deven discovers a new crystal which, combined with cristobalite, unlocks the portal between Local and Universal time, offering the potential Creena has been looking for to reunite the family at last.  There’s one problem, however.  Teleporting results in the correct location but the arrival time seems to be random, which has risky implications.  Before she can unravel the mystery, however, Integrator commandos find their underground hideout, forcing a harrowing escape loaded with unexpected consequences.  Believing they’re permanently lost, the dark and lonely days that follow change Dirck forever as…

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