Review: “Beyond the Hidden Sky (Star Trails Tetralogy Book 1)” by Marcha Fox

Many thanks to Christoph Fischer for the great reviews!


Star_Trails_3d_version_12714“Beyond the Hidden Sky (Star Trails Tetralogy Book 1)” by Marcha Fox is an excellent Science Fiction Novel. Adults will enjoy the scientific and concise description of technology, while younger readers will love the young characters, robots and many other entertaining ingredients.The book has great charm and is easy to read for most parts, but very thought-through and complex in others. Knowing the author as the accomplished writer of concise Astrology books, the competence and easy use of technology and science in this book comes as no surprise.Suspense, dramatic curve and fun parts are well balanced to make for a promising and highly recomended start in this 4-parter. This first volume of the Star Trails Tetralogy, a science fiction series for teens and young adults, begins with a familiar scene, a heated conflict between two siblings. Creena Brightstar is 14, her brother, Dirck, 17 and neither has any…

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