More Marcha: Refractions of Frozen Time?

Many thanks to fellow author, John Reinhard Dizon, for the pre-review of my upcoming “Refractions of Frozen Time.”

Center Stage With John Reinhard Dizon

Obviously Marcha and I are good cyberspace friends and literary colleagues. We’ve developed a mutual respect for each other’s work and artistic abilities and remain in constant contact exchanging views and opinions on the changing world of indie lit. Naturally I jumped on the chance to be a beta reader of her upcoming work, Refractions of Frozen Time. Without further ado, here’s my take on Marcha’s latest endeavor…

Refractions of Frozen Time by Marcha Fox is the fourth installment of the Star Trails anthology. It’s one of those unique compilations in that each story is able to stand alone without the assistance of the others, and therein lies the magic. The Star Trails Tetralogy followed the journey of the Brightstar family as they were scattered to the farthest ends of the galaxy trying to avoid the manipulations of the evil Integration program. We watched Merapa Brightstar take a stand…

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