Interview With Marcha Fox

Here’s an interview fellow author, friend and blogger did with me! He asked some very thought-provoking questions and my responses were not always politically correct. Those who know me will not be surprised by that.

Center Stage With John Reinhard Dizon


Marcha Fox is another good friend and fellow author whose Star Trails Tetralogy series is an essential contribution to the indie sci-fi genre. She is also an accomplished astrologer and spent twenty-one years at NASA. Marcha brings a lot to the table and I was fortunate to have her share with us…

You’ve gone from being a professional astrologer to a science fiction author. It appears as if a flawless transition, yet the lack of reference to astrology in your novels seems somewhat surprising.

Actually I’ve been a science fiction author long before I became an astrologer.  Would the truth be known, I was writing an SF novel back in the 80s and was developing the character of the physicist protagonist’s ex-wife who I thought would be all the more annoying if she was into astrology.  At the time as a college student majoring in physics I didn’t believe in…

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