Interview With Chris Birdy

Fascinating interview with author Chris Birdy. I love authors who write from experience. Good stuff.

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Chris Birdy is another Internet friend whose The Girl In White Pajamas has proved an essential contribution to the indie suspense/thriller genre. Having spent twenty-five years as an investigator, her professional experience provides the novel with an authentic narrative. Here’s a revealing look at this personable and intriguing author… 

You’re a very private person for an author. I had to pull teeth to get your profile photo. Have you ever considered what life will be like when The Girl in White Pajamas receives the international recognition it deserves?

If is such a big word.  Over the years, I’ve learned not to live on speculation.  I would love to have a best seller, but I won’t change my life now in anticipation of that happening.

You’re also exceptional in that you’re not cranking out novels like comic books, like so many other indie authors. Are we going to be looking for…

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