Blog Interview # 1 – With Author John Dizon

Great interview on someone I consider a literary chameleon. John Dizon can handle any genre in spades.



John Dizon is the author of over Twenty Books. He’s a charismatic, good-natured individual who’s also become a valued friend of mine on Facebook. He’s had a full life and you can tell in the way he writes. Read on and find out a few nuggets of truth and fun facts from John and be sure to check out his books, touch bases with him on Facebook, and see if I’m wrong.

What made you become a writer? Did it start as a hobby or meant to be a side-business?

I started writing dialogue for my stick-figure cartoons when I first got out of diapers. I wrote my first novella in sixth grade as an A+ student in English, and the general consensus was that I ‘had something’. I always thought that it was going to be something to fall back on, so after coming up short as a rock…

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